We Help Our Community's Students Succeed Through Scholarships

Houlton-Hodgdon Dollars for Scholars was initiated in 1969. The chapter adopted the basic organizational plan of the Scholarship America of asking residents to provide sums of $1.00 or more to support local youth. The thrust of our chapter efforts were put forth by two major areas: first a door-to-door campaign by seniors in the graduating class who asked subscribers to donate $1.00 or more and secondly by solicitation of organizations and businesses in our community. Since then we have tailored our efforts to mailings, telethons, and fundraisers. The organization of these efforts are managed by a board of local community members, school personnel and students. We on the board are proud of the fact that this chapter has been chosen five times for the Reader's Digest Award by the trustees of Scholarship America, and, more importantly, we are proud of belonging to a chapter which has provided nearly a million dollars to students from this area.